Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

Feeling like the recession will never end is not fun when you are planning on getting married. The big dream wedding ideas are being pushed further into the future as there seems to be no end in sight. If you are growing impatient and have come to terms with not having a lavished wedding then this is just what you need. Here are five easy and inexpensive wedding ideas so you do not have to wait any longer.

Family Home
An easy alternative to an extravagant wedding is to have the wedding in your home or the home of a close friend or family member. Then you just have to afford a Justice of the Peace or have a minister come over. This saves money on the venue and allows for an intimate setting with your closest family members present. Also if you are lucky the host and hostess can help prepare snacks and beverages for the guests.

Public Park
Public parks are a great place to have your wedding because they are inexpensive or free to set aside and they are outdoors. A beautiful public botanical garden or lakeside pavilion would be the perfect place to get your closest family members and friends together. All you have to do is hire a Justice of the Peace or minister to conduct the ceremony for you.

Community Center
Many towns and cities have community centers where you can rent out a large room or hall for the day for a small fee. This fee usually covers cleanup and use of their tables and chairs. Then all you need are linens, snacks, beverages, dishes and utensils. This would make an easy afternoon wedding that is short and sweet but not expensive. Also the most expensive parts would be hiring a photographer and the person to officiate the wedding.

The classic Vegas wedding where just the two of you go and get married in a chapel of love is an easy destination wedding. There are many places in Vegas that offer package deals for a weekend or more so you can go there to get married and honeymoon all at the same time. Many of these places offer a live internet viewing for your family and friends so they can feel like part of the wedding without having to be there.

Favorite Vacation Spot
While a quick trip to Vegas might be fun for some it may not be the ideal destination for you and your fiancé. Instead of spending the money to go to Vegas you can spend it to take a quick vacation to your favorite country or location and get married there. Many hotels offer a package deal for couples traveling there to get married alone with no family or friends. They usually help with the legality of the marriage as well as making sure you both have beautiful flowers to accompany the outfits you bring.

The Choice is Yours
Whether you love the idea of spending some time away from the daily grind or just want to get married with your closest family members the choice is yours. Having a tiny wedding at home or around town is a nice alternative to the large expensive wedding and will cost the least. If family is a problem or the weather is crummy then getting away to your favorite vacation spot or Vegas would be a great alternative. Whatever works for the two of you and fits the budget will be the best choice. All in all the choice is yours and no matter what you do it will be special. Good luck and enjoy planning your wedding.

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