Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

If you are having a winter wedding then the last minute details are most likely being made. While table centerpieces are not necessary, they do add a formal look to the reception. Most florists charge quite a bit of money to make simple arrangements for the table centerpieces. To help save you save some money this holiday season here are five inexpensive winter wedding table centerpieces.


As a traditional way to get some color in your house this time of year poinsettias make great centerpieces. You can find small plants that come in three or four inch pots at a garden center or flower store. Then all you need to do is pick out some pretty pots to plant the poinsettias in and use the planted flowers as centerpieces. If you put a few on each table in the center then each couple can take one home as a wedding favor.

Evergreen Wreaths

A centerpiece that is both beautiful and smells like winter is an evergreen wreath. You can purchase small evergreen wreaths for a small cost this time of year and then add a beautiful hurricane candle holder in the middle of it. Candle light is a wonderful mood setting centerpiece and the aroma of evergreen has a seasonal feeling. This combination for a centerpiece is sure to set the mood of your reception.

Holly Branches

Fresh holly branches with bright red berries are another winter tradition for decoration in the home. These also make great table centerpieces which you can use at your winter wedding. With vibrant colors and beautiful berries you do not have to do much to these branches with berries other than arrange them in a nice group on the table. This is defiantly a less expensive alternative to flower arrangements.

Bowl of Cranberries

Cranberries are another great way to bring color to the dinner table at your wedding reception. If you stop by your local craft store there is sure to be some pretty clear bowls that you can use to hold cranberries. You might also want to find some floating candles to add a romantic touch to the centerpiece. To set the bowl up all you need to do is add water, cranberries and floating candles.

Christmas Trees

During the winter months you can find adorable little alive or fake Christmas trees. These make the perfect table centerpieces because you can decorate them with the colors of your wedding. Craft stores and holiday sections at department stores often carry miniature ornaments and tree skirts that you can use to decorate the trees. This is a fun project that everyone will appreciate as they sit around the dinner table at the reception.

Keep it Simple

The most important part of making your centerpieces for the wedding reception is to keep the project simple. This will ensure that you do not get frustrated or spend too much money. You can always add your own touches to the recommendations above as they are all basic ideas. However, if time and money are a concern then the five centerpieces above are just fine as described.

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