Wedding Planning Tips

By Alexine

1. Complete the Dress: Have your wedding dress steamed and pressed. Walking down the aisle in a wrinkled dress would be the worst thing that could happen for any bride. It is your big day; make sure you shine in a beautifully flawless dress. You will be glad you did it when you look back at photos!

2. Finalize the Details of the Ceremony: Contact the venue and church to verify any last minute scheduling. As we all know things can be hectic right before the big day and if you have a wedding planner do not worry. However, if you do not have one, make sure and verify a couple of days in advance. This way there are no surprises.

3. Choose The Hairdo: Make a hair appointment to have your stylist help you figure out the hairdo for the wedding. This gives you a chance to not be stressed trying to make the decision the day of the wedding. Wedding Tip: Make sure and bring your veil with you to eliminate having to put it on yourself.

4. Pick The Poses: Make a list with your photographer of all the shots you want them to capture on your wedding day. This way they know what you want and don’t miss out on any photograph you want for the album. It is hectic on your wedding day so if they can order you all around to get the shots it will take the burden off your shoulders.

5. Get Your Nails Done: Make an appointment for the day before the wedding to get your nails done. This ensures enough time to dry without smudging and gives you a chance to sit down and relax for a couple hours. Pedicures are a great way to relax and most places have chairs for you to sit in and get a massage.

6. Choose Your Flowers: Meet with your florist to discuss the colors she will be including to match your theme or color scheme. This is the time you would give her the swatch of fabric to match the colors of the linens, decorations or dresses.

7. Finalize the Cake: Call the bakery to discuss the fine details of the cake. If you would like the color to match your wedding theme or colors, give them a piece of fabric with that color to match for making the decorative frosting.

8. Break In Your Shoes: Put your wedding shoes on while you are at home to wear them in a little and ensure comfort at the wedding. This way if you have any hot spots on your feet, you can put some mole skin on the strap to ensure it will not be bothering you at your wedding.

9. Get the Girls Together: Make sure you make a date with your bridesmaids and maid of honor to chat about the details. Give them a time and place to be so you can all get ready together. Wedding Tip: It is fun to get your hair done together too if you can make appointments at the same salon you are going to.

10. Coordinate With the Groom: Make sure you communicate the last minute details with your husband to be. Keep him aware of where you are getting ready and possibly get him a hotel for the day of the wedding to stay in with his groomsmen so that you don’t accidently cross paths. Then the men can get ready and go to the wedding before the girls arrive.

I hope this list has been helpful. For additional ideas to help you make your special day run smoothly, you might read my Wedding Planning Checklist article.

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