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pirate flag
By: Alexine

One of the most popular themes at weddings today is pirates. There is something about pirates that makes weddings full of fun and games. From the costumes to the role playing, there is something for everyone in a pirate themed wedding. Here are some tips to help you plan your own pirate wedding.


The best locations for a pirate wedding would be on the water or on the beach. Renting a boat to have the wedding on the water would be a great experience as long as you didn’t have a very large guest list. On the other hand if you have a lot of guests to invite then having your wedding on the beach would be easier to accommodate a large reception while still giving the feeling of a pirate theme.

Bridal Party

There are many wedding attire designers that make custom dresses and outfits for pirate themed weddings. You can find really elegant wedding dresses that still have the pirate feeling or you can go with the traditional ragged pirate look. Whichever look you choose there are several key accessories like eye patches for the groomsmen and a captains hat for the groom.

Guest Attire

For a fun and exciting bunch of guests, invite everyone who attends the wedding to dress up like a pirate or wench. This will give your guests the opportunity to really get into the pirate theme and give you an amazing wedding album to look back at years from now. Seeing grandparents and children dressed up alike will be such a fun experience.


As any guest would appreciate a fun game at your wedding try sword fights with plastic swords. These would ensure that nobody went home with anything but minor injuries. You can also incorporate pirate items into a treasure hunt and have the chest full of fun prizes at the end. Any game dealing with treasure and role play is fun for children and adults so use your imagination and have fun in the process.


Give your guests something pirate to take home with them like a bag of chocolate gold coins or an eye patch and gold earring. The little accessories can be part of your place settings at the reception and then the favors for guests to take home. This gives you some fun decorations on the tables that will add to the costumes the guests come up with.


To leave your pirate themed wedding with a bang, have your honeymoon planned to a tropical island where you can enjoy the beach together. Spending quality alone time on beautiful beaches with tropical animals and birds is the perfect ending to such a fun wedding. Go and explore your love for the tropics and each other.

Enjoy Your Mate

Planning a pirate wedding can be so much fun when you think about all the cool details you can put into it. From the costumes to the location there is nothing boring about a pirate wedding. Enjoy planning your pirate wedding and have a great time on your big day with your mate.

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