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pirate ship wedding

pirate chest
By: Alexine

Planning your pirate wedding can be lots of fun, especially when it comes to decorating your reception hall. While it would be nice to have the wedding on a pirate ship or on the beach, those locations are not always available or in the budget. For a more affordable alternative you can rent any typical reception hall and decorate it to feel like your very own pirate ship. Here are some decorating ideas to help you bring the idea to life.


To give the feel of entering into the world of pirate ships and booty you can decorate the entrance with a creative sign with the words “Ahoy Me Mateys” or “Here Be the Weddin”. Use a piece of driftwood or regular poster board to paint the sign and then hang it over the door or put it on an easel.
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pirate flag
By: Alexine

One of the most popular themes at weddings today is pirates. There is something about pirates that makes weddings full of fun and games. From the costumes to the role playing, there is something for everyone in a pirate themed wedding. Here are some tips to help you plan your own pirate wedding.


The best locations for a pirate wedding would be on the water or on the beach. Renting a boat to have the wedding on the water would be a great experience as long as you didn’t have a very large guest list. On the other hand if you have a lot of guests to invite then having your wedding on the beach would be easier to accommodate a large reception while still giving the feeling of a pirate theme.
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