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By: Alexine

Planning your pirate wedding can be lots of fun, especially when it comes to decorating your reception hall. While it would be nice to have the wedding on a pirate ship or on the beach, those locations are not always available or in the budget. For a more affordable alternative you can rent any typical reception hall and decorate it to feel like your very own pirate ship. Here are some decorating ideas to help you bring the idea to life.


To give the feel of entering into the world of pirate ships and booty you can decorate the entrance with a creative sign with the words “Ahoy Me Mateys” or “Here Be the Weddin”. Use a piece of driftwood or regular poster board to paint the sign and then hang it over the door or put it on an easel.

Server Attire

Talk to your catering company ahead of time and let them know you are having a pirate themed wedding. Then you can provide bandanas, gold earrings and eye patches for all the staff working at your wedding. These few accessories will look great with the traditional black and white server apparel.

Table Linens

The favorite colors of pirates are crimson red, violet purple, deep blue and black. Use one or all of the colors to decorate the tables. You can alternate a red, purple and blue overlay on solid black table cloths or you can have black table cloths with red, purple and blue napkins. Have fun mixing and matching the colors as a variety can give the place more character than usual uniformity.

Wall Hangings

Use the wall space to make the guests feel like they are on a mighty pirate ship. Make sails out of pieces of canvas and hang them on the walls with pirate flags, old world maps and fish nets. You can also stain the canvas with coffee and put realistic fake fish in the fishnets for more detail in the wall hangings.

Bar Accessories

Instead of little umbrellas you can have little pirate flags for the mixed drinks and the sword toothpicks for the limes, oranges and olives. You can find these accessories at party supply stores in most cities.
Also you can design a decorative sign above the bar with the words “Grab Your Grog” which would be appropriate for the pirate theme.

Room Décor

Some fun room décor that is perfect for the pirate theme are fake palm trees and treasure chests. You can buy blow up palm trees that have sand in the bottom to keep them standing which are fun for the kids to play with. Also having an old chest filled with chocolate gold coins, eye patches, fake hoop earrings and pretend pearl necklaces are great for the guests to dress up with at the party.

Use Your Imagination

Whatever your inspiration is for having a pirate wedding it is a very fun theme for both the wedding party and the guests. From the costumes to the pirate décor, there is so much available for making your pirate wedding come to life. Have fun putting together decorations and using your imagination to make your dream wedding the best day in your life.

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  • This is something new for me. I can apply this to a birthday celebration. The theme looks dark yet I think many will enjoy.

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