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Though the difficult economic times of recent years have had a negative impact on virtually every industry, they have actually given rise to an increase in the number destination weddings. In fact, according to industry statistics, more couples than ever are choosing to exchange vows in ceremonies away from their home towns.

Why choose a destination wedding?

Most brides site control over the wedding day as one of the main reasons why they choose to have a destination wedding. Let’s face it, not every bride wants a large church wedding. These events can often become large, impersonal occasions that are as much for the wedding couples’ families as they are for the wedding couple.

Destination weddings give brides the opportunity to host a more intimate affair with just a few friends and family members present. While many “at home” weddings have guest lists that soar into the hundreds, the average number of attendees at a destination wedding is 45 – 50.

The couple also has more control over the ceremony itself. They can be more creative with the clothes that they wear, the style of the ceremony, and even the wedding officiants. While many brides to be choose an exotic or beach setting for their nuptials, others prefer a mountainous setting. With all that Branson, Missouri has to offer, it’s no wonder that more and more couples are choosing Branson as the place to exchange vows.

Why Brides Are Choosing to Have a Branson Wedding!

One big benefit that tips the scales in Branson’s favor is its central location in the US. Branson is just a day’s drive from a third of the US and half of the country’s population, and now, thanks to the opening of the new Branson airport, it’s easily accessible by air from just about any place in the country.

Wedding couples also love Branson’s unique setting in the Ozark Mountains. Couples can choose to have a quaint and rustic wedding at a small mountain chapel or a more extravagant affair at a four star resort. June brides get their choice of Branson’s summer lake and mountain settings, while couples desiring fall weddings can lavish themselves in the fall foliage colors of the Ozarks. And those brides to be who have always dreamed of Holiday Weddings can tie the knot in one of the
Travel Channel’s Most Christmassy Places in the US!

Finally, Branson’s hospitality and entertainment-rich environment provides wedding parties with a carefree time of fun and relaxation in the days prior to the wedding. With the thousands of Branson hotel rooms, there will be no problem accommodating all of the wedding guests, and the vast array of entertainment option will satisfy everyone from the littlest flower girl to the most elderly grandmother.

While Branson weddings may not be for everyone, couples choosing to have a destination wedding will be hard pressed to find a better, more convenient location. Many married couples swear by the Branson MO wedding experience and the unforgettable memories that they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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Janet Sanders resides in the Ozarks near Branson, Missouri and writes about her home state and travel-related subjects, such as destination weddings. Though she’s been to beautiful wedding ceremonies all over the country, she admits her fondness for attending Branson weddings. For information on Branson MO, visit

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