Wedding Planning Tips

quick wedding plans


By: Alexine

While planning your wedding is already stressful, adding the time crunch and pregnancy on top of that makes it a disaster waiting to happen. Thankfully you can avoid the stress by putting together a simple wedding, one that will satisfy your taste and keep your nerves at rest. To help plan your maternity wedding on a time crunch I have put together tips on how to plan a simple wedding close to home.


The most convenient location for a wedding ceremony and reception would be at a local hotel, Public Park, community center or your family’s back yard/house. This way you can have both events at one location. It will cut down on how many flower arrangements and décor you have to order and worrying about people getting to and from each event.
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By: Alexine

By the time most people disclose to their families that they are pregnant there are only about six months left to have the maternity wedding before the little one arrives. Whether you were already engaged or decided based on the pregnancy it is an exciting time. To make sure you can plan and execute your dream wedding before baby comes I have put together five quick wedding ideas.

On the Farm

If you live in the city or a very populated area then getting out into the country for a farm wedding might be just what you need. From the vast open scenery to the gorgeous gazebos and farm houses, you are sure to find the perfect place to have the ceremony and reception. Look online or in the phone book to see if there are any farms that do weddings in the countryside near you.
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