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By: Alexine

While planning your wedding is already stressful, adding the time crunch and pregnancy on top of that makes it a disaster waiting to happen. Thankfully you can avoid the stress by putting together a simple wedding, one that will satisfy your taste and keep your nerves at rest. To help plan your maternity wedding on a time crunch I have put together tips on how to plan a simple wedding close to home.


The most convenient location for a wedding ceremony and reception would be at a local hotel, Public Park, community center or your family’s back yard/house. This way you can have both events at one location. It will cut down on how many flower arrangements and décor you have to order and worrying about people getting to and from each event.

Set the Date

Set the date for the wedding no later than thirty-six weeks into your pregnancy. The best thing to do is talk over the soonest availability with each of the venues where you considered having the wedding. Whichever were available on the date you wanted you could make the reservation with or talk it over with your family. The most flexible location would be at your parent’s house so keep that in mind.


The easiest way to make invitation would be to buy the printable ones at a party supply or paper store. They only cost about twenty dollars for a box of fifty. If you do not want to spend the time to print them off then you can order them online for a pretty good price as well. Make sure you send out your invitations as soon as you work out the details of the date and time of the ceremony and reception.


To save yourself a lot of frustration you should contact all the florists in your area to find the best price on the type of arrangements you want. Then you can order one centerpiece for each table of eight people, bouquets for you and the bridesmaids and boutonnieres for your fiancé and the groomsmen. Have the florist doll up the vases with pebbles, marbles, seashells or colored glass.

Food & Beverages

While a sit down dinner would be nice it is hard to get meal replies with such a time crunch. To accommodate most people you should choose a few of your favorite dishes and sides for a buffet. This will cost less and then you won’t have to worry about making any food. If it is small enough your Mother may want to cook at her house, but it is easier on the whole family to have a caterer do it.

Music & Entertainment

With a small time frame to get things together there should still be a local DJ or band available. Look in your local phone book for entertainment if you want it as well. If the act or group you want to come is unavailable you can always have a good friend or relative put together a great mix of mp3s. Then all you have to do is play that on a good stereo system at the wedding to get the dance floor full.

Extra Tips

• If you plan to have your wedding in someone’s backyard or at a public park then renting a dance floor would be a great extra for your wedding.

• For an outdoor wedding you should plan to have a tent set up in case it rains.

• You should look into renting chairs if the venue does not supply them. You may be able to borrow them from your church if they have some.

• Wait to buy your wedding dress until really close to the wedding date as you will continue to grow a lot and your size will not be the same for very long.

Good luck with planning your wedding pregnant as that is a challenge in itself when it comes to juggling doctor appointments and wedding planning appointments. Remember to stay calm through it all and go to the spa to get a pregnancy massage if you need to relax once in a while. It will help calm your nerves and sooth your body.

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