Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Favor Ideas

Looking for a way to move beyond the typical favors such as hearts and candy? Unique wedding favors based on the season in which you’re married really strike a chord. Each season gives you a variety of ideas to choose from. By bringing the outdoors in, you add natural beauty to your decorations and provide a one-of-a-kind gift for your guests.

Winter Snowflakes Add a Little Magic

Winter brings thoughts of the holidays as well as the joy and excitement that come with them. A tree and stocking might remind you of Christmas, while a menorah conjures visions of Hanukah. But no matter what holiday you celebrate, the snowflake is traditionally a symbol of the winter season making it perfect for inclusion on unique wedding favors. Snowflake candleholders with frosted glass add a touch of elegance and create a warm glow whether at your reception or in the homes of your guests. Glass coasters with delicate etchings of snowflakes are both useful and beautiful. There are also dainty snowflake bookmarks, functional bottle stoppers and handy key rings.
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